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The Definitive Edition is an unofficial, PC exclusive, all-encompassing remaster of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. The graphics, controls, gameplay, storytelling, sound effects, and music have all received major overhauls, alongside an astounding amount of bug fixes, and last but not least: restored cut content!

Basic movement controls have been enhanced majorly. The usual keyboard and mouse controls have been retained and refined and the game can now also properly be played with a controller, just like the original PS2 version! The bundled digital manual is fully revised and comes in two different versions: for playing with a keyboard and mouse, and for playing with a controller.

During the development of the Definitive Edition, Core Design’s and Murti Schofield’s original visions have always been studied and consulted religiously. This truly is the ultimate and definitive way to experience The Angel of Darkness, delivering the compelling adventure Core Design always envisioned it to be. The Definitive Edition will be very easy to install, guaranteeing that the game can be played hassle-free in no-time.

The demo will contain the first few chapters of the game in their final, finished state, from Parisian Backstreets up until Louvre Storm Drains.


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